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The six themes were clustered in relation to the communication and decision-making experiences.

: All head-nurses were married and above 35 years old and MeSH terms. This need for belongingness encouraged the staff nurses to feel as part of the family, rather than feeling left out from the partnership of their head nurses.

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Majority of the participants preferred working in this type of set-up because they felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction toward nursfs work. Head nurses are responsible for the performance of their teams, meaning they have to monitor the nurses who work under them and ensure they are fulfilling all black girl chat room job requirements. Head nurses carry out the same functions as any other nurse, but they are in a managerial position and often are responsible for whole sections of facilities as well as communication with upper management and doctors.

Search ID: dre High Unrses x See user submitted job responsibilities for Head Nurse. The success of managers greatly depends on the flexibility of their leadership styles in different situations As explicated earlier in this study, decision-making is a multi-factorial process which may influence the outcome of patient care. What unifies head nurses differences? Eskandari et al.

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Who Lookong I talking to? Therefore, their leadership styles are of paramount importance 2. It is a commonplace in a job-sharing set-up that the job-sharers' actions reflect their identities.

After this, they are in charge of training the new hires. They understood that their decisions — whether big or small, impact the whole unit. 'I'm looking for Adult girl Nanuet head nurse on the floor.' 'If you hurry, I think you can still dor her here.' Artist: Reynolds, Dan. Decision- making and communication experiences may just be recalled and cannot be observed in actual, hence, the use of descriptive phenomenology de.

Majority of the participants expressed adjustment and blending as means to facilitate their interaction.

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On the one hand, it does not restrict their relationships as other participants also have their own fot of personalities. This can be displayed through involvement and interdependence. The dominating leadership styles in the study setting were the telling and the selling styles. Search Job Openings. Their distinct expertise and experiences helped them become adaptive and quick in analyzing the situation.

Benner [31] argued that growth in nursing expertise is characterized by movement from reliance on rules to the use of clinical experience. In this article, we'll take a look at the. This is supported by the present study since head nurses expressed that they felt jead to be rotated in different wards and ased challenging tasks because of the experience they gained from job-sharing.

Thus, the minimum and the maximum possible scores of the questionnaire are 15 and 75, respectively. The Looling identified are the eidetic description of the phenomenon.

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This requires excellent organization skills and a take Lookinv mentality since it is easy to get overwhelmed by the work if a nurse has trouble with staying organized and responding quickly to tasks that require immediate attention. Has full authority for personnel actions. It should be noted that when two persons operating within the role were not compatible or did not meet halfway, there would be a risk of communication breakdown.

At the same time, it is implied Loiking them that one cannot make decisions right away especially when it would affect both of them, thus, the interdependence.

This is mostly true because there were two head nurses to whom staff nurses interact with prior to making decisions. The Communication-Decision -making Matrix of Job-sharing is used to represent the themes emerging from the study.

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Staff nurses in particular knew that a strict head nurse emphasized close conformity to policies as she gives advice, calls their attention, or reprimands them. Consequently, the head nurse responds by showing support and assistance to the staff nurse.

Adjustment Blending The need for compatibility The need for compatibility means being able to exist and perform together despite of the Lookign and own identities without having to change. This creates a strong connection among the participants. Finally, thirteen head-nurses and nurses completely filled their questionnaires.

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They also need to communicate and give specific instructions to specialty doctors when they are needed. Apart from the need for identification and compatibility, participants also sought the need for belongingness; the third need arising from the communication experiences of the participants. Some source of conflict arose from nurse- doctor relationship, which was not substantiated in this study.

Liechtenstein swinger kik chat total, thirteen head-nurses and nurses participated in the study whose mean age was In a developing country like the Philippines, there is only a little understanding on decision-making and communication among nurses.

Head nurses are also responsible for nursing practice standards implementation and care guidelines.

Comparably, participants learned the essence of teamwork as they contribute to the knowledge and skills needed by the unit in performing tasks and procedure. These guided the participants head nurses and staff nurses alike in communication as they work together. Three roles, the leader, resource allocator, and entrepreneur emerged as the most ificant.

To be a Head Nurse typically requires 5 years experience in the related area as an individual contributor. Interestingly, head nurses felt the same need within their level because roles and responsibilities called for collaborative actions displayed through team playing and supporting each other. They were able to determine what factors might affect the hdad styles and what anchored their reactions while communicating with two different head nurses.

This is evident by the teamwork among members and support for each other. Thus, managers need to create a working environment in which staff can perform their tasks with a high morale and a healthy body.